Supporting our customers during Covid-19 pandemic

To our valued customers,

As the impacts of the coronavirus, COVID‐19, pandemic continue to be felt around the world, we recognise that the cycle of uncertainty causes concern for our customers and their operations and creates a need for confirmation from critical suppliers that they will continue to operate and supply them with critical supplies, parts and services.

In that spirit, we are proud to confirm that Pneumatic Scale Angelus UK continues to be OPEN for business, providing support to our customers, and our suppliers, during this unprecedented time. We remain committed to the safety of our team members, customers, vendors and our communities with the strong understanding that we are a vital link in the supply chain to keep essential businesses in operation.

By virtue of being a manufacturer in certain critical industries, as well as serving as an essential supplier to key businesses in the packaging, food, beverage, healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, and personal products industries. We are committed to fulfilling the needs of our customers. There will, however, be circumstances beyond our control in these difficult and dynamic times that may cause shortages and delays. Travel restrictions and significant closures of commercial operations will make onsite support very difficult for a period of time. We will prioritise our activities to address production stoppages with the highest priority first and substitute phone, video and telephone support in place of onsite support wherever possible.

Safety Measures

  • Clean Down Procedures – we have thorough cleaning procedures in place to ensure that hands are washed and any surfaces or objects with which contact is made are cleaned before and after use.
  • Social Distancing & Limited Contact – we are observing the recommended social distancing ensuring that staff remain a minimum of 2m apart from one another whilst on site.
  • Remote Working – PSA are currently following the government guidelines and working from home. We are still contactable via email or phone or one of our customer whatsapp groups to provide the best service we can.
  • Personal Protective Gear – we’re using disposable nitrile gloves to handle all goods, and facemasks where possible or necessary.

Operational Measures

  • Normal Working Hours – In these unprecedented times we want to support all our customers as much as possible. As usual, we will be contactable between the hours of 8am – 5pm (Monday – Friday).
  • Emergency Work – Where possible PSA would like to let our customers know that we are available for emergency work within the UK if both parties feel it is safe to do so. (PSA class emergency work as breakdowns)
  • Key Industries – A large proportion of PSA customers are within the food and beverage sector. This means our customers are one of the key industries that the government would like to keep running in these difficult times. At PSA we completely understand the important job that our customers are doing, and PSA are here to support you all where we can.
  • Spare Parts & Lead Times At PSA, our aim is to still provide a top-quality service. To do so we need to provide our customers with the spares you need to keep your machines going. We cannot promise you that lead times will not be affected in the current climate. But we can promise you that we will do everything we can to make sure you receive your spares on time.
  • Stock Levels – As always, PSA prides itself on holding a large quantity of emergency/essential spares in our European offices. Currently our stock levels have not been affected. So please get in touch if you would like to place an order for your critical spares to ensure you have your spares onsite

Communication Measures

  • Transparency – whatever the communication channel, we will continue as we always have to communicate clearly and honestly with our customers.  If there are any changes or disruptions to our lead time or service, we will proactively tell you.  We are not burying our heads in the sand, it helps no-one.
  • No Visitors or Visits – we are no longer accepting visitors to our facility nor are we visiting any clients in person ourselves. Deliveries are still welcome and handled with social distancing in mind.
  • Virtual Sales Appointment – we can continue to discuss and look at your work or application remotely in real-time using Skype or Zoom.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment.
  • E-mail – we continue to monitor emails and will respond at the earliest opportunity (usually the same day if within working hours)
  • Weekly Video Calls – PSA wants to offer you as much support as possible. To do so we would like to set up weekly video or conference calls with our customers to touch base with you to ensure you are getting the support you need.
  • Internal WhatsApp Group – where social distancing measures prevent or make one to one verbal communication difficult, all members of the PSA team are communicating effectively using WhatsApp to discuss internal matters.
  • Customer WhatsApp Groups – PSA want to go a step further and offer our customers the chance to be part of a WhatsApp group for PSA service support. The group can be set up between our qualified seamer engineers and our customers engineers to ensure we are always contactable quickly to help you resolve any issues that arise. Please get in contact if you would like us to add you to this list.
  • Phone line – as has always been the case we continue to operate manned phone lines during office hours. The full contact list is displayed on the bottom of this newsletter. With  remote working we may not always be able to answer calls immediately, but we do check our messages and return calls once able to do so.
  • FaceTime – PSA are more than happy to offer FaceTime support to any of our customers who have any issues. We can walk your engineers through the necessary process to make essential adjustments to get your machines back up and running as soon as possible. Please feel free to get in touch.
  • Remote Working/Virtual Assistance – PSA are proud to announce that we are working on a remote access tool with Microsoft that will allow our engineers to contact our customers remotely with a view to providing virtual support/training on all of our equipment. We will keep you informed of our progress and a launch date for this system.

PSA Contact List 

As we always do, we will continue to work hard to support your business both during and after this crisis.  If we’ve missed something or you’re unclear on anything, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Nick Bemand – Managing Director

For any questions you may have about your Commercial Canning production, please get in touch with one of our Canning Experts who can advise you on the best practice. Call us on 01905 958324 or email [email protected]

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