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Why Pneumatic Scale Angelus UK?

Founded in 1910, Pneumatic Scale Angelus has over a century of experience in our highly specialised industry. Renowned for producing the finest machinery in the packaging sector, the UK arm of our business is based in Droitwich, England.

PneumaticScaleAngelus maintains a major market position in the supply of can seamers, labellers, centrifuges and change parts for the pharmaceutical, personal care, food, beverage, canning and household products industries worldwide. The company’s established presence in the marketplace includes custom-engineered product lines such as Angelus and Closetech seamers; Burt labellers and wet case detectors; change parts and storage solutions.

Large International Business
Highly Skilled Team
Established 1910
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We supply, install and service commercial canning equipment for manufactures from a range of key sectors including but not limited to Craft Beer Breweries, Beverage Industry, Food Industry, Can Manufacturing, Pet Food and Powdered Applications.

If you’re not from one of these industries and would like to discuss your specific application please Get in Touch and one of our Commercial Canning Equipment experts will be in touch to offer helpful and impartial advice.

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Our Story

As a member of the Barry-Wehmiller Family of companies, PneumaticScaleAngelus UK strives to be the kind of company that enables its associates to return home each day with a true sense of fulfillment - the kind of company that people enjoy working for, doing business with, investing in, and having as part of their families and communities.

By sending our associates home each night enriched by their experience with us rather than drained by it, we enable our team members to be better parents, better spouses, better friends and better members of the community. This belief is at the heart of Barry-Wehmiller’s Guiding Principles of Leadership, our vision document which has become the very foundation of our organization. It is based upon the conviction that communication, trust, celebration, respect and responsible freedom are important tenets of an ideal corporate culture. It’s what we mean when we say:

“We measure success by the way we touch the lives of people.”