While there has been an increase in customer demand for food and drink products, many businesses are still facing difficulties. COVID -19 has caused problems ranging from staff shortages due to enforced isolation, sickness and closure of regular outlets such as bars, restaurants etc. As a result, businesses such as Craft Breweries are having to become more creative and adapt their approach to thrive in the current business climate.

Some larger Craft Breweries have been able to adapt their production lines to produce hand sanitizer for instance. Smaller Craft Breweries may need to refine their existing business model and identify niche areas in this new marketplace that better utilise the resources currently as their disposal.

Delivery Service

Direct home deliveries or ‘mystery box’ subscriptions are great ways for craft breweries to maintain sales volume while maintaining social distancing protocols. Using local delivery services or even piggybacking on other takeaway services in the area could be a great way of sustaining product sales, while maintaining a presence in the local community.

Web and Social Media

While a professional & up to date online presence is vital, it is often the first thing to be neglected when pressurised by increased production demands and staff shortages. As more people are currently at home and using social media and the internet than ever, make sure your website is up to date with your latest business offering and your COVID-19 statement.

Social media is a great way to boost your business presence, promote offers, product and quickly generate interest via simple competitions, shout outs etc. You can easily connect to local groups and enterprises through Facebook, plus Twitter or Instagram are great for running competitions and showing behind-the-scenes action.

Cans over Bottles

If your craft brewery is using bottles, you may have found that sourcing glass is difficult due to the increased demand from the medical sector. Switching to cans is cheaper, promotes a better shelf life, eliminates UV light contamination, is easier to store and easier to recycle with some local authorities refusing to accept coloured glass in recycling bins. Cans are also more resilient during transportation making them ideal for use in home delivery services or partnerships with local takeaways or supermarkets.

The full turn-key canning solution on offer from PSA-UK will go a long way towards ensuring Craft Breweries continue to operate at full capacity during the current situation. PSA-UK are still fully operational during the COVID–19 crisis and will continue to deliver high volume, high-quality canning solutions to support all types of businesses.

For any questions you may have about Craft Brew Canning lines please either visit our dedicated page on our website or get in touch with one of our Canning Experts who can advise you on the best practice. Call us on 01905 958324 or email [email protected]

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