Standard Features

  • 2006 HDS, for speeds up to 900 CPM on cans ranging in diameter from 202 through 404.
  • Power driven can holding chuck assemblies
  • 180° can in-feed/discharge for easy line layout
  • “Lifetime” cams made out of hardened tool steel
  • Quick change of seaming spindle speed alternatives
  • Safety interlocked hinged doors to provide quick access to key components
  • Simplified modular machine subassemblies for quick easy maintenance when required
  • Metric design meets worldwide guidelines for machine building

Additional Features

  • Rear push-button station with selector switch
  • Individual 1st and 2nd operation seaming roll shanks allow overlap seaming and full range of can sizes without the need for lever replacement
  • Easy adjustment of can holding chuck springs assures positive spring deflection and hook forming pressure during seaming
  • Positive control of can/cover allows perfect alignment onto sealing chuck eliminating mis-assembly
  • A caliper disc brake that is infinitely adjustable
  • PLC control system
  • Available high stroke can holding chuck cam provides added can flange to cover guide clearance when seaming high domed ends, i.e., aerosol top or bottom, or for composite cans
  • Unit elevation is easily changed by loosening five clamp screws and turning a crank.  Power elevation is also available

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We supply, install and service commercial canning equipment for manufactures from a range of key sectors including but not limited to Craft Beer Breweries, Beverage Industry, Food Industry, Can Manufacturing, Pet Food and Powdered Applications.

If you’re not from one of these industries and would like to discuss your specific application please Get in Touch and one of our Commercial Canning Equipment experts will be in touch to offer helpful and impartial advice.

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